New Lunch Menu!

Fantastic news! The Toro Bar & Grill has just updated their lunch menu and I was lucky enough to be given a sneak-peak taste of one of their upcoming dishes. The fine looking meal you see above is their new Chile Chicken Panini- a savory chicken sandwich on grilled pita bread and garnished with spicy pico de gallo. The first taste was a rush of flavor- the chicken retained all of its juices, though it was grilled, and when coupled with the fresh pico it veritably exploded on the palate. The texture is one thing I'd like to elaborate on, because it was simply divine. The Pita bread, which is lightly grilled, was ever so slightly crispy on the edges before the teeth sank into the soft, pillowy goodness we all know pita for. Then a delightful spread of juices as the pico and chicken enter center stage of the taste bud theater. The chicken was so tender that it melded with the cheese and pita bread into a soft, delightful, melt-in-your-mouth experience complimented by the buttery spice of the chipotle mayo. So as not to go all soft and gooey on you, though, the chefs had the good sense to add all that crispy, juicy pico de gallo which adds a strong southwestern flavor to the dish and adds a complexity to the texture that the teeth enjoy as much as the tongue. The flavor is pure southwestern home cooking with just enough heat from the chile to tell you you're in green chile country, but mild enough to be approachable by even the most sensitive of tongue. (i.e. the heat is noticeable, but not overpowering). And just in case you're still hungry, it comes with a plateful of fries and a pickle. I've been a long supporter of the Toro tortilla burger, but I think this new lunch menu has a few entrees that are vying to be my favorite. This, ladies and gentlemen, is definitely one of them.

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