Sight Seeing at The Inn

As many of you know, The Inn at Rio Rancho underwent a major remodel and makeover over the course of 2008. The results have been inspiring awe and disbelief in those who were familiar with the property before, and wonder in those guests seeing the lobby for the first time. It is really something to see, and there is a lot of it to see, but I have a favorite spot. Not all of our guests have the chance to really enjoy this spot, for the traveler is pulled in many directions and a quiet moment is often impossible. From the main entrance, facing the front desk, the "pyramid corner" is just to your right. Parents and children alike can enjoy the view of the pyramid, and posing for the camera in front of the pyramid with friends has become a regular happening here in the lobby. Viewing this spot from the other side, the guest seated in one of the rustic antique benches is treated to a great view of the Sandia Mountains through floor to ceiling windows. These mountains serve as a canvas for some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets I've ever seen(I've got some video with a few really great mountain scenes that I will post later). Anyone exploring the lobby who happens upon this little nook is in for a picturesque and relaxing treat.

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Anonymous said... February 02, 2009  

What a hotel - I did not recognize it from my previous stay. cannot wait to come back and stay.
The grounds look beautiful.

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