Toro Grill Review: Lunch

I ordered some food off of the new $4.99 lunch menu today and I must say: I am impressed. I thought long and hard about what to order, but in the end I went with the "Soup and Sandwich" option. My sandwich of choice was the classic turkey and Swiss hoagie and it came with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle spear on the side. Now of course when it came time to pick a soup I did not hesitate for a moment. Since trying it for the first time some months ago, I have been obsessed with the green chili stew here at the Toro Bar and Grill. If I had my way, this stew would be on the table for every meal. The stew is made according to Chef Josh's secret recipe and is served with cheddar cheese and a tortilla. It is truly awesome, New Mexican cuisine at it's best. All this was served with the speed and friendliness I've come to expect from the staff of the Toro Bar and Grill, and at just $5.34 after tax, it's the best lunch deal in town. Stay tuned for more Toro Bar and Grill food reviews. Next time, we'll order from the dinner menu and let Head Chef James Garrigan really flex his culinary muscle.

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Anonymous said... February 02, 2009  

It is nice to see that there is such a nice restaurant and bar in Rio Rancho.

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